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the legendary chinese mayor

Tjong a Fie, alias Tjong Fung Nam was born in 1860 in Sung Kow Village (Mei Xien), Canton, China. As a highly spirited young man he left mainland China and headed for the East Coast of Sumatra. He landed in Kampoeng Laboean(Belawan) in 1877.

As he established his new live in the Sultanate of Deli, he build a thriving grocery business.

Upon seeing his success, the Dutch government appointed him as government official, with the inital rank of Lieutenant, to take care of social affairs, especially for the Chinese community. Tjong A Fie later built the city of Medan and became its Mayor. He also was appointed as an honorary officer of the Chinese Empire for the Far East during the era of the Ching Dynasty.

Tjong A Fie died in Medan on February 4th, 1921.

The mansion of the late Mayor Tjong A Fie was built in Kesawan in 1895, in a area around 8.000 m2 of land, the building consists of two storeys, holding over 35 rooms.

The building blends ancient chinese architecture with European and Malay's influences.

Middle room of Tjong A Fie mansion
Old piano, belongs to Tjong A Fie youngest daugther

Back part of the center building, open area in the middle of mansion

Backdoor, some are made from

Second floor, at the back : dance ballroom, picture taken from other side : meeting room

"There on the earth where I stand, I hold the sky. Success and glory consist not in what I have gotten but in what I have given."
-Tjong A Fie

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