Friday, November 18, 2011

First trip - back to my hometown ; Banda Aceh

2nd, 3rd and 4th of March, 2010
Destiny : Banda Aceh

this is first trip..started by going back to my hometown, after 9 years!!!
Wow, such a great trip with all my "primary friend" coz we never meet during the time. Thanks a lot to facebook which being as our media to stay connect and find each other.

Right, maybe it looks simple coz I just back to my own hometown.
But as u know, last 2004, there is a tsunami at Aceh.. and all change!
Road, homes, and all building..

> Lampuuk Beach, here u can banana boat, the real  water sea and back to nature....great

Ayam Lepas and Ayam Lemas, if Medan are hunted with Pecel Lele or Ayam Penyet..this is the Aceh version of it

Pelabuhan Fery, this will be the port for going to SABANG!!!

Have ever heard about the boat in the top of people house??? This is it!
49 fisherman are saved by this boat during the tsunami..

Another beach, "Kuala" remembering my childhood when hunting crabs..hehehehe

PLN boat, which is moved around 3Km by the wave.. 

It just a short trip, but i learn a lot..
I hope i can share more picture and information on my next trip to here...
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