Sunday, February 27, 2011

take A note

right, here are some note for you who want to take trip..even it is short or long
(ene dia beberapa catatan untuk elo pada yang mo bepergian,ntah bentar ato lama)

But, as my suggestion, tour for 3 days is best..
That's all I do with my U'll not too bored
and take a night travel if it is more than 5 hours.
(sekedar saran,3 hari ud cukup deh..gua jg gitu,jadiny g kebosenan..n ambe jadwal malam klo lbh dr 5 jams :P )

1. Plan everything : what accomodation? where to go? where to stay? how long? how far? 
2. Calculate ur budget : for accomodation, hotel/motel, tickets, food, entering fee, shopping, and extra additional. (make sure u won't be able to back because u don't have enought money )
3. Pack ur thing 2 or 3 days before u leave, make a list
4. Bring 2 bags, one for ur clothes and some usual thing.. and the other small bag which is used to travel around. Keep ur passport or any identity card, wallet, phone, and other important things here. 
5. MAKE SURE somebody else know where did u go...

that's first...I'll take another for u later
City Bus - Duck & Hippo ducktours bus, used to travel around the trip

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